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I have the large number of files in which the file's names follow certain pattern. for example here are names of two files

name1="event_No. 2_20140311_910_914.jpg"
name2="event_No. 403_20140311_230727_230731.jpg"

I need to extract the last two numbers of the names to get something like this (String or Expression, it does not matter):


I tried StringTake but it is not supporting Rules and patterns.

can any one suggest some way to do this?


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StringCases[{name1, name2}, DigitCharacter ..][[All, -2 ;;]]
{{"910", "914"}, {"230727", "230731"}}

For fun or interest, also:

With[{SR = StringReverse},
  StringCases[{name1, name2} // SR, DigitCharacter .., 2] // SR
{{"914", "910"}, {"230731", "230727"}}
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Thanks a lot Mr.Wizard. I am impressed with your knowledge of Mathematica. – Algohi Jun 6 '14 at 2:15
@Algohi You're welcome, and thank you. :-) – Mr.Wizard Jun 6 '14 at 4:08

It is really straight forward when you use StringCases.

StringCases[{name1, name2}, 
 start__ ~~ "_" ~~ s1 : NumberString ~~ "_" ~~ s2 : NumberString ~~ ".jpg" :> {s1, s2}]

(* {{{"910", "914"}}, {{"230727", "230731"}}} *)
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Thanks a lot halirutan. – Algohi Jun 6 '14 at 2:16

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