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My template for building packages has, at the end, the following expression that automatically ReadProtects all symbols defined in my pack:

ToExpression[Names["pack`*"], InputForm, SetAttributes[#, {ReadProtected(*,Locked*)}] &]

It works fine, with the exception of cases where I define a constant, like for example: iso=3; This produces the following message (when loading the package):

SetAttributes::sym: Argument 3 at position 1 is expected to be a symbol. >>

Can the automated expression that sets ReadProtected be changed to correct this behavior?

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My guess would be this:

   Function[sym,SetAttributes[sym, {ReadProtected(*,Locked*)}],HoldFirst] 

The problem is that functions defined with # - & notation do not hold their arguments.

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Works fine, thank you! –  P. Fonseca Apr 30 '12 at 13:25

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