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Iam not able to create a ODBC connection on mac through mathematica even though i have created a connection successfully through ODBC Administrator.

The error message iam getting was:

JDBC::error: ""File input/output error conHR10.properties java.io.FileNotFoundException: conHR10.properties.new (Read-only file system)".

Problems in detail:

My back end was microsoft sql server(2012) which was in a windows 8 machine. My front end was mathematica which was in MAC PRO(OS X 10.9.3). Iam trying to connect to my database through LAN. Iam able to make a connection in MAC using ODBC Administrator. But when i try to use the connection in mathematica the error above keeps coming.

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Through internet i come to know when the permission was not set to both read and write the error may occur.So i changed the permission for the folder and files in the folder to read write.But the problem remains. –  Bt Ambrishraman Jun 4 '14 at 6:34

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