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Reworking on a pre-made simulation, when I click the 'Play' button, it won't actually play and when I autorun the program, it just cycles through all the balloons in 10 seconds... is there a way in which I could slow down the time it takes to go through all the balloons as well as? I have not linked the actual graphic of the girl in the code (as it takes up a lot of space).. I've tried using AutorunSequencing yet I don't know where to place it within the code..

enter image description here

   With[{rp = Prepend[RandomReal[UniformDisk[2], n + 1], {0, -35}]},
   {Translate[{Inset[, {2.5, -39.5}, Automatic, {6, 9.5}],
  {Opacity[.5], Thickness[.001],
     Line[{1, #}],
     Disk[#, 2.8]} & /@ Range[2, n + 1]}, 
 If[n > 83, {0, Up}, {0, 0}]], Darker@Red, Thickness[.04], 
Line[{{-25, -44.8}, {25, -44.8}}]}], 
 PlotRange -> {{-23, 23}, {-46, 25}}, Background -> LightOrange]],

{{n, 1, "Balloons"}, 1, 150, 1, Appearance -> "Labeled"},
{Up, 0, 50, ControlType -> Trigger}, 
Initialization :> ({UniformDisk /:
 Random`DistributionVector[UniformDisk[r_?Positive], n_Integer, 
  prec_?Positive] :=
 r*Sqrt[RandomReal[1, n, WorkingPrecision -> prec]]*
   10 {Cos[#], Sin[#]} &[
    RandomReal[2 Pi, n, WorkingPrecision -> prec]]]})]
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I believe that you should try to provide a minimal example showing your issues. –  Öskå Jun 2 at 12:03
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