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I'm trying to launch a Linux (Ubuntu latest) machine as a slave of my local PC (Windows 8). Both machine have Mathematica 9 installed. However, I'm behind a router, so I think it's a little more complicated. I found out that mathematica uses port ranging from 58000 to 59000 (at least at the moment I ran it, because actually it just asks the system for one, which increases constantly), so I forwarded the router's port 58000~59000 to my PC. Following this FAQ, I went ahead and set up my local kernel, and start to listen. The prompted window said

Link created on:,

so I went ahead, opened up putty, connected to the remote machine, started mathematica kernel using math, and ran

$ParentLink = LinkConnect[",", LinkProtocol->"TCPIP"]

Immediately, on my local machine, a message box pops up that says:

Out[1]= LinkObject[,, 60, 1]

which I suppose means that the connection is successful. However, on my local PC, the entire mathematica process freezes and becomes "not responding".


Has anyone ever encountered the same problem? Why is that?

Update: After a long long time, the message box finally printed something new:

enter image description here

Not a good news huh? Again what might be happending?

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