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Say a have the function foo:

foo[x_] := x + 2

Like the Evalution -> Evaluate in place, I would like to have a keyboard shortcut that replaces the current selection with the result of applying foo to the selection.

For example if I have selected 1+3 in a cell with the following contents:


By pressing a keyboard combination, I want Mathematica to replace it with the result of foo[1+3] (6):

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@Kuba Sorry I think that would be too cumbersome. – Tyilo May 23 '14 at 21:31
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ok, so you need to add this Item.

Item[KeyEvent["t", Modifiers -> {Control}],
                             RowBox[{"foo", "[", "\[SelectionPlaceholder]", "]"}]];
      FrontEnd`SelectionMove[FrontEnd`InputNotebook[], All, Expression, 2];


enter image description here

Select what you need

enter image description here

Use Ctrl+t

enter image description here


Here is a tutorial how to add a new shortcut: Automating Esc [[ Esc formatting?

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