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I know a similar question is answered somewhere, but it doesn't work for my case for some reason. I have the following problem in Mathematica. I want to compute f[h[x]]= x^2 + D[h[x],x]. Here, h[x] can be some function of x, say Sin[x]. I have written the following code in Mathematica,

SetAttributes[{f, D}, HoldAll]
f[h_, x_] := x^2 + D[h[x], x]
h := Sin[x]

But then the output of

f[h, 10]

is an error "General::ivar: 10 is not a valid variable."

Any better way of doing the composition of functions in Mathematica?

  • Sarah
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@b.gatessucks, Thanks. But I was aiming for some generic function rather than only Sin. In particular, the actual h[x] in my case is a quite complicated function. –  John May 20 at 18:41
You mean, f[h[#] &, x_] := x^2 + D[h[x], x] h[x_] := Sin[x] ? In that case, f[h[10], 10] just returns f[h[10], 10]. –  John May 20 at 18:47

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You can define :

f2[h_, x_] := x^2 + Derivative[1][h][x]

Then :

(* Specific function, generic x *)
h1[x_] = Sin[x];
f2[h1, x]
(* x^2 + Cos[x] *)     

(* Generic function, numeric x *)
f2[h, 10]
(* 100 + Derivative[1][h][10]*)

(* Generic function, generic x *)
f2[g, x]
(* x^2 + Derivative[1][g][x] *)
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