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When I create a DistributionFitTest of a distribution I receive very low P values, e.g. $2.456750213008007 \times 10^{-367}$. When I copy this (by right clicking and copy to $\LaTeX$), and insert it in my $\LaTeX$ document, I receive the number as

\text{2.4567502130080068515188263453399491266$\grave{ }$15.778498511135323*${}^{\wedge}$-367}

Where as I would prefer to receive a rounded value such as:

\text{2.457} \times 10^{-367}

Or at least receive an output equivalent, so that I don't have round up manually or edit "*" to "\times", or add up "10".

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  4] // TeXForm

2.457\times 10^{-367}

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