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How can I stretch this Grid to the width of the encapsulating Panel (so that "right" floats on the right side? I want to achieve something along the lines of the menu at the top of the Documentation notebooks.

  {{"left", "nextToLeft", "right"}},
  Alignment -> {{Left, Left, Right}, Baseline}],
 ImageSize -> Full]

Looks like this now:

enter image description here

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You could use Scaled item sizes but that still requires you to manually get it right:

Panel[Grid[{{"left", "nextToLeft", "right"}}, 
  Alignment -> {{Left, Left, Right}, Baseline}, 
  ItemSize -> {{Scaled[.1], Scaled[.1], Scaled[.8]}}, Frame -> All, 
  Spacings -> {0, 0}], ImageSize -> Full]

So the way I usually do it is to wrap the right hand item in Pane

   {"left", "nextToLeft", 
    Framed@Pane["right", {Full, All}, Alignment -> {Right, Center}, 
      ImageMargins -> 0]}
   }, Alignment -> {{Left, Left, Right}, Baseline}],
 ImageSize -> Full]

I've added a frame so you can see what is happening:

enter image description here

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You can also use ItemSize -> Fit:

 Panel[Grid[{{"left", "nextToLeft", "right"}}, 
       ItemSize ->Fit,
       Alignment -> {{Left, Left, Right}, Baseline},  
       Frame -> False, Spacings -> {0, 0}], 
    ImageSize -> Full] 

Mixed settings like ItemSize -> {{Scaled[.1], 15, Fit}} also work:

   Panel[Grid[{{"left", "nextToLeft", "right"}}, 
              Alignment -> {{Left, Center, Right}, Baseline}, ItemSize -> #, 
              Frame -> False, Spacings -> {0, 0}], 
        ImageSize ->Full] & /@ 
   {Fit, {{{15, 20, Fit}}}, {{{Fit, 20, Fit}}}, {{{Scaled[.1], 15, Fit}}}}]

enter image description here

Update: Need help locating references in the docs for ItemSize->Fit. I am quite sure I have seen it somewhere in the documentation, but could not find anything using the usual keywords.

The only example I currently have is burried in this great answer by Mike to a different question (thanks Mr.Wizard).

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Another really useful feature that does not appear to be in the Documentation. (Or is it?) Thanks. – mfvonh May 15 '14 at 15:20
@mfvonh, I am sure I have seen this used somewhere in the docs. But to my surprise I could not find this setting for ItemSize when I searched with keywords Itemsize->Fit, Fit or ItemSize in the docs. – kglr May 15 '14 at 15:43
This works in version 7, where Mike's method unfortunately appears not to. +1 – Mr.Wizard May 15 '14 at 22:09
I note that Mike used Fit himself here: (7499) – Mr.Wizard May 15 '14 at 22:10
@Mr.Wizard, good to know that it is not a Version 9 thing. Amazing you could find Mike's answer using Fit:) I had checked the reference pages for DockedCells but could not find any examples using Fit there. – kglr May 15 '14 at 22:22

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