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I have a new Macbook Pro (Retina), running Mavericks.

For some reason I cannot access the camera in Mathematica using CurrentImage[] or ImageCapture[]. The result is:

CurrentImage::checkcam: Mathematica was unable to connect to a camera. Check 
that a camera is properly connected and that it is not currently in use 
by another application. >>

I do note that \$ImagingDevices is {}, and \$DefaultImagingDevice is None.

Any ideas?

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Tried fixing disk permissions, and uninstall/reinstall, all to no luck. –  michar May 10 '14 at 0:18
I got word back from Wolfram, apparently a known problem, hopefully fixed in next release. –  michar May 12 '14 at 14:31
Thanks for reporting back. This is the kind of information that is great to have, go ahead and write that as an answer if you want to. –  Pickett May 12 '14 at 18:27
@Pickett I'm not sure we should use the bugs tag here, as there isn't a complete reproducible example in the question. I have no problem using CurrentImage on a retina MacBook Pro running Mavericks. It's not clear how the OP's setup differs from mine. The tag would be appropriate if the OP at least makes it clear (based on the answer he received from WRI) in what situations the problem arises (and with what versions of Mma). Otherwise the question is not really useful for future visitors trying to decide what's going wrong on their system ... –  Szabolcs May 12 '14 at 19:12
@Szabolcs I can't recreate this either with CaptureImage and Mavericks, but if I were having this problem I would definitely want to know that there is a confirmed bug. This bug has been confirmed by WRI, and confirmation as I understand it is enough to qualify for the bugs tag. But I may be wrong, that's just how I read the tag description. –  Pickett May 12 '14 at 19:38

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[ UPDATE 9/17/2014: I can confirm this problem is fixed in v10.0.1.0 ]

WRI has confirmed this as: "a known issue between Mathematica and the new 2013 Macbook". And says they are working on fixing it for the next major release.

FYI I'm running 2013 macbook w/ the discrete Nvidia card, & max memory, if that helps anyone who is trying to match my system.

I'll update when the problem goes away.

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Today I reinstalled Mathematica 9 on my MacBook Air 2013 - I had the external Apple Display connected when installing - now CurrentImage[] only works when external Display is connected and works through that camera. This may be a hint for others ...

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Evaluate ImageCapture[], which brings up an UI where you can choose the camera to use (expand "Device controls" at the bottom). I have two choices when an external display with a builtin camera is connected. –  Szabolcs Jun 30 '14 at 21:52

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