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For some reason I need to create a chess board. I can create a chess board by following command:

  EdgeForm[Thick], Black, Rectangle[{0, 0}],
  EdgeForm[Thick], White, Rectangle[{1, 0}],
  EdgeForm[Thick], , Black, Rectangle[{2, 0}],

  EdgeForm[Thick], White, Rectangle[{0, 1}],
  EdgeForm[Thick], Black, Rectangle[{1, 1}],
  EdgeForm[Thick], White, Rectangle[{2, 1}],

  EdgeForm[Thick], Black, Rectangle[{0, 2}],
  EdgeForm[Thick], White, Rectangle[{1, 2}],
  EdgeForm[Thick], , Black, Rectangle[{2, 2}],


Problem is it has to be resizable (Manipulate command). And I should put the numbers for columns and rows. I am going to give one parameter such as board size. The code will generate the board. I believe there is a code for that, but I couldn't find on the internet. Thanks for the help.

This is an example, chess board.

Example chess board

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Welcome! The reason is not by any chance homework? Then you should add the homework or assignment tag. –  Yves Klett May 7 at 18:53

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Manipulate[MatrixPlot[Table[Mod[i + j, 2], {i, 1, n}, {j, 1, n}], ColorFunction -> "Monochrome"], {{n, 8}, 1, 20}]

enter image description here

Nice and simple.

With correct column numbering, thanks to a shameless steal from Kuba:

 MatrixPlot[Table[Mod[i + j, 2], {i, 1, n}, {j, 1, n}], 
  ColorFunction -> "Monochrome", 
  FrameTicks -> {Range@n,Transpose[{#, FromCharacterCode /@ (# + 96)} &[Range[n]]]}], {{n, 8}, 1, 20}]
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Thank you so much for the code. :) Now, I need to put queen pictures some of the squares. Is there any quick way to do it? –  forumcash May 7 at 20:25
You could use Show[] –  nickjamesuk May 7 at 20:28
@user14114 \[WhiteQueen] and \[BlackQueen] are the characters you need. –  Sjoerd C. de Vries May 7 at 20:59
I didn't know these commands. Thanks for these commands. However, I need queens on the board. How can I put queens together with background? –  forumcash May 8 at 14:41

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