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I need to calculate double integral as shown below. I used the Classroom Assistant palette to write the integral. How can I enter it as ordinary text, i.e., Integrate[....], so Mathematica would treat it exactly the same as the form entered by means of the palette? How would I formulate it for submission to Wolfram Alpha?

enter image description here

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There were many similar questions. Take a look here Symbolic Definite Integration which fairly appears to be a duplicate. –  Artes May 2 '14 at 17:58
The image appears to have an elementary syntax error, it should be Sin[x+y], rather than Sin(x+y). –  DumpsterDoofus May 2 '14 at 19:52

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Before we look at how to generate the textual form, let's correct a syntax error in your code; function application in Mathematica is indicated by square brackets, so Sin(x + y) in your integral must replaced Sin[x + y]. With this change your integral evaluates correctly:


We verify that the above is correct by taking the derivative with respect to $dx\,dy$.

D[-Sin[x + y], y, x]
Sin[x + y]

Now let's attend to converting the integral expression into a form that doesn't use special symbols. Best to make a copy of input cell when doing this (at least for your first time).

  1. Select the cell bracket at the right of the copied cell.
  2. Go to the Cell menu.
  3. Select Convert to from that menu.
  4. Click on Input Form on the pop-up sub-menu.

You should get

Integrate[Sin[x + y], y, x]

As for your question about Wolfram|Alpha: we don't take questions concerning Wolfram|Alpha on this site.

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