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I have just read that Mathematica 9 for Mac does not support Citation Management.

Any ideas of a poor's man replacement so I can still use Mathematica on Mac for editing? I mean, have someone written a script to "import" a .bib into a notebook or something like that?

I took the time to put all my references in a .bib file. I also imported them into EndNote. If this is of any help...

regards, Mr. Disappointed

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You've probably seen this: Where is the “Insert > Citation> Bibliographical Reference” Command?. I recommend using LyX if you need BibTeX integration and want excellent math typesetting. – Jens Apr 30 '14 at 3:08
David Park's Presentations add-on ( includes a References sub-package that allows you to maintain a list of reference records for a notebook, display them, and insert specific references into text. It does not use .bib files or similar TeX-type files, nor is it a full-fledged references system. – murray Apr 30 '14 at 14:57

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