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Take something like:

Manipulate[N[Pi]*s, {{s, 5}, 0, 10}]

This results in the following:

The <code>+</code> sign has not been clicked

What I would really like is the following:

The <code>+</code> sign has been clicked

Is there any way to make this happen by default? In other words, is there a flag I can set so that the little + sign is clicked by default?

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What you are looking for is

Manipulate[N[Pi]*s, {{s, 5}, 0, 10, Appearance -> "Open"}]

The initial display of this expression when evaluated will be

open manipulator

To find this option in the Documentation Center, you need to be aware that the control you are using is a Manipulator and not a Slider.

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Thank you very much indeed. – Shredderroy Apr 26 '14 at 19:49

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