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I have this list saved in matrix 6x2:

\begin{array}{cc} 0 & 1.216 \\ \frac{\pi }{3} & 0 \\ \frac{2 \pi }{3} & 0.1351 \\ \pi & 0 \\ \frac{4 \pi }{3} & 0.04863 \\ \frac{5 \pi }{3} & 0 \\ \end{array}

Now i have saved this matrix in a variable called myList:

{ { 0 , 1.215 } , { π/3 , 0 } , { (2π)/3, 0.1351 } , { π , 0 } , { (4π)/3 , 0.04863 } , { (5π)/3 , 0 } }

if i use the comand:

ListPlot[myList, AxesLabel -> {\[Omega], Subscript[C, n]}, 
 Filling -> Axis]<br>

the result is this:
enter image description here

The problem 1 is:
i would like to see the blue points and the line under them with RED color.

The problem 2 is:
I don't see the first coordinate on the plot {0,1.1215}
there is a way to set the range of y for example (from 0 to 2) and of x for example (from0 to 5) ??? in this way i can see all points.

The problem 3 is:
i would like to see the $\omega$ axe with the Trigonometric value instead of the natural number.

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Your question is probably going to be closed (because the answers to your questions can be easily found in the Documentation of ListPlot, but here is your answer:

  • Problem 1: FillingStyle -> Red, PlotStyle -> Red;

  • Problem 2: PlotRange -> All;

  • Problem 3: Ticks -> {First /@ myList}.


ListPlot[myList, AxesLabel -> {ω, Subscript[C, n]}, 
  Filling -> Axis, FillingStyle -> Red, PlotStyle -> Red,
  PlotRange -> All, Ticks -> {First /@ myList}]

enter image description here

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thank you so much –  Giovanni Far Apr 26 at 17:08
Please note that the documentation of Mathematica answers all your questions. All you need is to search for it :) –  Öskå Apr 26 at 17:09
i did that but i didnt found exactly what i need –  Giovanni Far Apr 26 at 17:14
Well, all of your questions are in the ListPlost documentation :) –  Öskå Apr 26 at 17:17
For example, i know how can i change the color of the x and y axes... (mathematica allows to do that with the gui option... ) but i dont have the result that i want. if i would like just to color the line of the 2 axes how can i do? i tried FrameStyle->Directive[Red] but it doesnt works –  Giovanni Far Apr 26 at 17:19

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