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As explained in this solution,

ListAnimate[Table[Plot[Sin[n x], {x, 0, 2}], {n, 3}]]//InputForm

will allow me to view the types of appearance element for the ListAnimate controller. But the same method does not work for simple controls or compound Manipulate-s, e.g.

Control[{{u, 3, "hello"}, 1, 5, 0.1}] // InputForm
Manipulate[u, {{u, 3, "hello"}, 1, 5, 0.1}] // InputForm

as both are already in InputForm. Is there a complete list of AppearanceElement types in the documentation (I doubt that) or elsewhere, or a trustworthy way of extracting this information?

Added in response to Nasser's solution: it would also be good to allocate exactly which appearance elements are appropriate to each control; looking at Animator I've found a couple more which are in the relevant documentation, see below.

appearanceList = 
  Sort@{"AutorunPlayButton", "BookmarksButton", 
        "BookmarksPlayButton","ContentResizeArea", "DirectionButton", 
        "FasterSlowerButtons", "HideControlsButton", 
        "InteractiveTradingChartResetButton", "InputField", 
        "InlineInputField", "ManipulatePlayButton", "ManipulateMenu", 
        "PlayPauseButton", "PlayButton", "PauseButton", "ResetPlayButton", 
        "ProgressSlider", "ResetButton", "SnapshotButton", 
        "StepLeftButton", "StepRightButton", "UpdateButton"};
DynamicModule[{sal, dx = 0.5, dy = 0.5, anim1, anim2, loc, swatch},
    Control[{sal, 1, 10, AppearanceElements -> appearanceList, Appearance -> "Open"}], 
    Control[{sal, 1, 10, AppearanceElements -> All, Appearance -> "Open"}],
    Slider2D[Dynamic@{dx, dy}],(* no appearance elements *)
    Animator[Dynamic[anim1], {0, 1, 0.1}, AppearanceElements -> appearanceList,
      AnimationRunning -> False],
    Animator[Dynamic[anim2], {0, 1, 0.1}, AppearanceElements -> All, 
      AnimationRunning -> False]

image of output of above

This brings the total to 26, including All and None. By the way, it is odd that the ResetPlayButton looks exactly like the PlayButton, as far as I can see.

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I'm planning to update the control list so exactly those appearance elements relevant to the control are used to produce the same effect as AppearanceElements -> All, but I'm not sure of the protocol here as @Nasser is compiling a parallel list and I'll be happy to accept his solution as soon as it seems we have a complete list. Should I add my own solution at this point? –  fairflow Apr 26 at 11:14
The total is now up to 26, including All and None which seem equally valid. –  fairflow Apr 26 at 11:15
I did not know you are collecting these also, since you asked the question :). I'll change my answer to community wiki so you can feel to add your there and make any edits you like. –  Nasser Apr 26 at 14:33
@Nasser, I didn't plan to as I thought someone might reveal a complete list, but so far I'm not convinced we've got them all, which is why I started my own list as I wasn't confident about editing yours. And then I reasoned that just having a list wasn't so useful as we'd like to know which element corresponds to which control. I think community wiki is a good idea but don't know much about that, or how it relates to reputation. –  fairflow Apr 27 at 20:45

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Update: Thanks to Simon Woods comment below, 3 more are added to list. Now total is 21.

I could not find complete list in one place. Over the years, I collected them from here and there in the docs. Looked at my cheat sheet now and I only see the list. (I should have written the document pages where I got there but did not). This is what I have so far, 18 of them (including None): Once you know the name, you can more easily find it (one hopes) in the docs now

list = {

TableForm[Table[{i, list[[i]]}, {i, Length[list]}]]

Mathematica graphics

I remembered old post related to this:


From there:

It is strange that it is so hard to find the names of these elements. I go to ref/AppearanceElements and it does not even list the names. When I go to ref/Manipulate it mentions the following ones under Appearance Elements option {"HideControlsButton", "SnapshotButton", "ResetButton", "UpdateButton" and I tried them all, but they are not what I want.

I went to ref/Manipulator, and saw these "InputField", "StepLeftButton", "PlayPauseButton", "StepRightButton", "FasterSlowerButtons", "DirectionButton", "InlineInputField".

May be in version 10, AppearanceElements will finally show up in one place?

Links to looks for these



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Some are listed in Manipulate`Dump`$allPossibleAppearanceElements and Manipulate`Dump`$AnimateDefaultAnimatorElements. By the way, "SnapshotButton" appears twice in your list. –  Simon Woods Apr 26 at 10:22
@SimonWoods thanks, I've updated the list. –  Nasser Apr 26 at 10:38
MapIndexed[{#2[[1]], #1} &, list] // TableForm is another way to get the table, btw. –  fairflow Apr 26 at 11:00
@fairflow Automatic Headings will do too. –  Kuba Apr 26 at 11:55
OK, Manipulate``Dump$allPossibleAppearanceElements` works, so why doesn't, say, Animate``Dump``$allPossibleAppearanceElements? –  murray Apr 26 at 14:38

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