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I am interested in summing elements in a list or sublist that are similar.

I want the sublists of my second elements to be added cumulatively only if their first elements are the same.

This is my list: {{3, 1}, {5, 1}, {5, 2}, {3, 3}}.

This is my desired result: {{1,1},{1,3},{4,3}}.

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I have made edits, take a look at it again. –  Crisp Apr 25 at 7:26
Your example list isn't actually a list. Please correct. –  Sjoerd C. de Vries Apr 25 at 7:33
ok {3, 1} + {5, 1}, since they have no similar first elements, we let the second elements remain {1,1}. and then {3,1}+{5,2}, since the first element is not common we have 1, then we have {5,1}+{5,2} since the first element is common, we have 3, now we have {1,3}, now last we have {3,1}+{3,3}=4 and {5,3}+{3,3}=3. now we have {4,3} –  Crisp Apr 25 at 7:46
you just add the second elements of each sublist recursively only if the first element matches. –  Crisp Apr 25 at 7:46
{3, 1} + {5, 1} -> {1,1} and {3,1} + {5,2} -> 1 how is this consistent? {5,1}+{5,2}-> {1,3} where is that 1 from? Also... {5,3}+{3,3} have I missed something?, like {5,3}? I certainly need a starting coffee but I can bet it will be still unclear to me :) –  Kuba Apr 25 at 8:00

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Look this

Table[res[[firstIndex[[i]]]]+=lst[[i,2]]; res,{i,1,Length[lst]}]

(*{{1, 0}, {1, 1}, {1, 3}, {4, 3}}*)
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I can do with this, thank you! –  Crisp Apr 25 at 8:30

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