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I am trying to perform some neighborhood analysis on an image, but ImageFilter seems to be interfering with the results outputted by the provided filtering function.


Given the hue channel of an image

image = Import[""]
hue = ColorSeparate[image, "HSB"][[1]]

We can see that there is some information "hidden" on the dark area

ImageAdjust[hue, {0, 0, 0.2}]


My intent is to replace the value of every pixel with the value of the variance of his direct (3x3), neighbors:

huevar = ImageFilter[Composition[Variance, Flatten], hue, 1]

The result is also very dark, as expected, but the dark areas are effectively black. As I haven't clipped the results, it is not what I expected.

The filter outputs small values, as I could observe in the following:

  huevar = ImageFilter[Composition[Sow[#] &, Variance, Flatten], hue, 1],
  (reapvar = #2)&

reapvar // Take[#, 5] &
(* {0.000126874, 0.000250331, 0.0000807382, 8.11654*10^-6, 0.0000234952} *)

Flatten@ImageData@huevar // Take[#, 5] &
(* {0., 0., 0., 0., 0.} *)

If I reconstruct the image with data from reapvar I get exactly what I want: a dark image that can be re-scaled to show the detail in the dark area.

Image[Partition[reapvar, First@ImageDimensions@image]]
ImageAdjust[%, {0, 0, .1}]

Pre or mid-scaling

I've also tried pre-scaling the output directly in filtering function, as in

  scaledhuevar = ImageFilter[Composition[Sow[1000*#] &, Variance, Flatten], hue, 1],
  (scaledreapvar = #2)&

The dark areas get brighter this way, but the precise values, even from the bright areas, are different from those obtained by sowing/reaping.

scaledreapvar // Take[#, 5] &
(* {0.126874, 0.250331, 0.0807382, 0.00811654, 0.0234952} *)

Flatten@ImageData@scaledhuevar // Take[#, 5] &
(* {0.12549, 0.25098, 0.0823529, 0.00784314, 0.0235294} *)

What is causing this difference in the results? When/where is the clipping occurring?

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It is caused by rounding errors, but the effect is gone if you work with Realimages:

image = Import[""];
hue = ColorSeparate[image, "HSB"][[1]];
hueR = Image[ImageData@hue, "Real"];

Tr[Subtract@@ (Flatten/@ Reap@ImageData@
                ImageFilter[Sow@Variance@Flatten@#&, #, 1])]& /@ {hue, hueR}

  {-0.748735, 0.}
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