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is using to coloring graphs and show how near is any value to 0(Blue), 1(Red), or in the mean (White).

The question is:

How Can I do to obtain the RGB/CMYK code color, to a particualr value?

for example,... to the value 0 is asigned BLUE=(0,0,100)%=(0,0,255)Hex but... What color-code asign the "TemperatureMap" to the value 0.123 ?, I know that it´s a close to blue, but... What exactly?

I´ll use in other ranges like [0,8] or 1[12.45,45.85], not only in [0,1]

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ColorData["TemperatureMap"][0.123] gives RGBColor[0.377562, 0.501447, 0.945279]. Is this what you need? –  kguler Apr 24 '14 at 4:13
@kguler, Yes! :-) That´s the solution. SOLVED! Thank You. –  Mika Ike Apr 24 '14 at 4:18

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 ColorData["TemperatureMap"][0.123]  (*  Using the default range [0,1] *)
 (* RGBColor[0.377562, 0.501447, 0.945279] *)
 ColorData[{"TemperatureMap", {20, 40}}][35]   (* Range rescaled to [20,40]  *)
 (* RGBColor[0.955963, 0.863115, 0.283425] *)

 Row[ColorSlider[#, AppearanceElements -> "Swatch"] & /@
    ColorData[{"TemperatureMap", {20, 40}}][35]}, Spacer[1]]

enter image description here

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