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Ok I must be missing something. I have a section with the "last updated date" in a text cell, I'd like it to autoupdate. Is there a "insert current date" command hidden away in some menu?

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If you want this done automatically then the way I would do it is to time stamp the notebook as you close it, i.e. the time stamp appears after "Last modified".

This code might be overkill but it will do the job:

Create a text cell with "Last Modified " in it and give it a cell tag (in this example "LastModified"), then ...

 NotebookEventActions :> {"WindowClose" :> 
    Module[{dy, hr, mn}, {dy, hr, mn} = 
      Map[(LinkWrite[First[$FrontEnd], FrontEnd`Value[#]]; 
             LinkRead[First[$FrontEnd]]) &, {"DateLong", "Hour", 
        "Minute"}]; NotebookLocate["LastModified"]; 
      Cell[TextData[{"last modified ", dy, " at ", hr, ":", mn}], 
       "Text", CellTags -> "LastModified"]]]}
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If you want the message to show when you last run that command, all you have to do is add this to the cell you're evaluating:

message = DateString[DateList[]]  ;
Print["This was last updated on  " <> message]
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