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Any Idea why I can't get a result from this expression:

In[170]:= RandomVariate[HyperbolicDistribution[59.428`, 18.441`, 3.428`*^-9, -0.00065`]]

Out[170]= RandomVariate[HyperbolicDistribution[59.428, 18.441, 3.428*10^-9, -0.00065]]

I have found this Distribution modelling daily balance of a bank in order to calculate Liquidity Risk.

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Apparently 3.428 10^-9 is too small. 3.428 10^-7 works OK, though –  belisarius Apr 21 at 17:27
It doesn't look like the impact of the third parameter is really large at the given value. The plot of the PDF remains visually unchanged if you increase it by a factor of 1000. –  Sjoerd C. de Vries Apr 21 at 21:25
Sjoerd raised a good point: Increasing delta by a factor of 100 still gives results that match to 7+ decimal places. Doing so allows use of RandomVariate. –  rasher Apr 21 at 21:41

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Looks like a glitch, however you can invert the CDF to get the desired result (not as fast, of course):

InverseCDF[HyperbolicDistribution[1, 59.428`, 18.441`, 3.428`*^-9, -0.00065`], 
            RandomReal[1, 10]]

(* {0.000448962, 0.0144836, 0.0481936, -0.0169342, 0.0445246, -0.0151702, 0.00316436, 0.00877931, 0.085059, 0.00880039} *)
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Many thanks mate! –  user13852 Apr 22 at 16:49

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