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I want to output in MatrixForm whenever I have a list/vector/matrix, but I do not want to have to type out the command each time.

How can I write one command at the beginning of the notebook so that all output is so formatted? (Also: generalization to any formatting would be better, with additional specific detail included for this case.)

closely related –  Kuba Apr 15 at 7:22

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You can use $Post:

$Post = If[ArrayQ@#, MatrixForm@#, #] &;

enter image description here

Is this what you are after? –  Kuba Apr 15 at 8:13
I think that that will do just fine! Thank you! (Could you explain what each pa‌​rt of that code does? Mathematica Documentation can confuse me easily and I like‌​ to be able to have multiple sources of explanation for the code.) –  kevin Apr 16 at 0:55
@kevin There is not much there, what is that you have problems with? Have you seen $Post? –  Kuba Apr 16 at 6:16

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