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Using mathematica, what are the formula's/methods available to convert the following per hour intervals into meters per second (using meters/s from light speed):

  • Kilometer
  • Mile (US)
  • Mile (Nautical)
  • Feet

The result should be decimal form of each interval with no E+/- in the float section.

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I am assuming that you are interested in the code functions within Mathematica For example To get miles in kilometers,

UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "Miles"], "Kilometers"]

This will return

In[11]:= UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "Miles"], "Kilometers"]

Out[11]= 6336/3937, "Kilometers"

Also , tried more complicated units:

In[15]:= UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "Nautical Miles / hour"], "meters / second"]

Out[15]= 4826/9375 Meters/Seconds

In[13]:= UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "Miles / hour"], "Kilometers / second"]

Out[13]= 44/98425 Kilometers/Seconds

To have the answer in decimal form just put the entire function inside N[]

    In[14]:= N[ UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "Miles / hour"], "Kilometers / second"]]

    Out[14]= 0.000447041, Kilometers/Seconds

In[17]:= N[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "Nautical Miles / hour"], "meters / second"]]

Out[17]= 0.514773 Meters/Seconds

You may replace the units to whatever units you want. I will suggest you to visit the site http://www.wolframalpha.com/ This is a simple linguistic based input form that will give you results using common language.

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Although I wasn't searching for a Mathematica solution, this is definitely an excellent solution given the above scenario. I will rephrase the question as I believe this is a keeper for the answers. –  Sanuel Jackson Apr 14 '14 at 0:49

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