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My question is rather simple. I want to put a title into a table.

For example, consider a list with depth two and a title

list = Range[4] & /@ Range[4];
title = "Bravo";

And I want to create a table from list, i.e.,


This will generate a table without a title. Let's say I want to make a title "Bravo" on top of the table(which is center-aligned).

Can you suggest a neat way to achieve it? I looked up the possible options for TableForm, but I could not find a relevant one.

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Labeled[TableForm[list], title, Top]
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Here is another approach using only the functionality of TableForm itself:

list = Range[4] & /@ Range[4];
title = "Bravo";
TableForm[{{list}}, TableHeadings -> {None, {title}}]


This nests the list deep enough inside {{ }} so that the column labels provided by TableHeadings are applied only to a single column containing the actual table. The result is that the column heading has become a table heading for the inner table.

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{ToString["This is the title"],
Alignment-> Center]
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