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I am trying to avoid of using the indexes for list manipulations as these usually gives me headaches. In Python there are wonderful way:

m = [1,2,3] q = [5,6,7] the_list = [qi**2 + mi for qi,mi in zip(q,m)]

What is the closest way in which Mathematica can gain this result without using indices?

Also are there any tutorials for Mathematica for those with python background?


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MapThread[#^2 + #2&, {q, m}] –  rm -rf Apr 8 at 6:20
also to add python zip ==Transpose[{lst1,lst2...}] –  joojaa Apr 8 at 6:28
MapThread seems what I was looking for but what is the purpose to have different functions Map and MapThread? –  Jānis Erdmanis Apr 8 at 8:18
@JānisErdmanis That one is perhaps a question worth posting –  belisarius Apr 8 at 11:59

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