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Question related to this one, except I need the same for the Graphics.

Lets say I have the following drawings:

  Line[{ Q, P, V }] ,
  Arrow[{P, P + v }] ,
  Arrow[{P, P + vx }] ,
  Arrow[{P, P + vy}] ,

   Line[{Q + (dir1*d1), P + v,  V + (dir2*d2)}]

  FontSize -> 16, Background -> RGBColor[1, 1, 1, 1],
  Text["Q", Q],
  Text["P", P],
  Text["V", V],
  }, Axes -> True]

But on my drawing sysytem (this drawing should illustrate part of it work), the screen coordinates goes from top to bottom (in reverse order). So I want to reverse it somehow.

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Rasher's answer in the question you linked to is probably the way to go. –  Pickett Apr 3 at 6:40
I don't understand what he do in his answer. –  tower120 Apr 3 at 11:16

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Rasher's code will be usefull here but we also have to Scale all the obcjets which is easy but no so simple as - in case of Plot.

 Scale[#, {1, -1}, {0, 0}] &@{Circle[{2, 2}], Arrow[{{3, 2}, {5, 3}}]}
 Axes -> True, AxesOrigin -> {0, 0}, BaseStyle -> {15, Bold}, 
 AxesStyle -> {Arrowheads@.05, Arrowheads[{-.05, 0}]}, 
 Ticks -> {Automatic, 
           With[{set = N@FindDivisions[{##}, 25]}, 
                Table[If[ Mod[i, 5] == 2, 
                         {set[[i]], -set[[i]], {.02, 0}},
                         {set[[i]], "", {.01, 0}}], {i, Length@set}]] &}]

enter image description here

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What is #, ##, &@ ? :) –  tower120 Apr 3 at 17:00
@tower120 You will find more about those signs in FAQ. Here we are creatinng a function, which is more clear in Rasher's answer. We can put a function of two arguments to ticks and it will aplly ticks according to it. Take a look at documentation fo Ticks, Details and Options section at first. –  Kuba Apr 3 at 17:15
Is it possible to do something with number 25 here {set = N@FindDivisions[{##}, 25]}? Which, I belive, you just pick. –  tower120 Apr 3 at 17:29
@tower120 yes, feel free to do what you need ;) 25 stands for the number of divisions and Mod[-,5] is displaing each 5th, where the rest are only ticks with no label. –  Kuba Apr 3 at 17:32
and how do I know the maximum "y" value of my drawings? –  tower120 Apr 4 at 3:36

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