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I'm extremely new to Mathematica. I want to import 201 .dcm (DICOM) files into Mathematica 9. Is there a way to do this which doesn't require my doing it an image at a time?

My ultimate need to is to then create a 3D image from these files.

Can anyone help?


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Quite simple:

files = FileNames["somePath/*.dicom"];
imgs = Map[Import, files];

Where Filenames finds all files in some path and Map applies the function Import to every list item in the second parameter.

If you want a progress indicator (probably a good idea for 200 images), you can do this:

files = FileNames["somePath/*.dicom"];
imgs = Monitor[Table[Import[files[[i]]], {i, Length[files]}], 
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Thank you, that seems to work – Palaeoanth Mar 28 '14 at 6:56

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