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I am trying to execute following:

TensorTranspose[Outer[D, metric, x], {2, 3}]. 

And Mathematica says me

TensorTranspose::symmperm: "Invalid permutation or symmetry generator {2,3}.

While for permutation {1,2} there would not be an error. metric has dimentions {5,5}, x has {5}. Could anyone tell what is wrong with {2,3}?

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A tensor with dimensions {5, 5} has only 2 levels. You cannot swap levels 2 and 3. Further {2, 3} is not a permutation of the levels. If a = Array[b, {2, 2, 2}], then TensorTranspose[a, {1, 3, 2}] will swap levels 2 and 3, if that is what is desired.

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