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I want to rotate the geometry obtained whith the input:

  movil = ExampleData[{"Geometry3D", "SpaceShuttle"}]

But it shows an error message : Graphics is not a Graphics3D primitive or directive.

I'm trying to represent the attitude of an airplane so if there is another option with similar geometry It can also be usefull. I'm using this code:

frame[α_, β_, γ_, t_] := 
           Rotate[movil, α °, {0, 0, 1}],
           β °, {0, 1, 0}],
         γ °, {1, 0, 0}], 
       Axes -> True, LabelStyle -> 12, 
       PlotRange -> {{-0.6, 0.6}, {-0.6, 0.6}, {-0.6, 0.6}}, 
       ViewPoint -> {1, 0, 0.2}], 
       ListPlot[{ϕctab, θctab, ψctab}, Joined -> True, LabelStyle -> 12, 
         AxesLabel -> {"n", "Grados [º]"}], 
       ListPlot[{{{t, ϕctab[[t]]}}, {{t, θctab[[t]]}}, {{t, ψctab[[t]]}}}, 
         PlotMarkers -> {Automatic, 10}]]}, 
    ImageSize -> 590];

frs = Table[frame[ϕstab[[t]], θstab[[t]], ψstab[[t]], t], {t,1, Length[θstab]}];
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I'm guessing that the error message is actually generated by frame. Using movil[[1]] to extract the graphics primitives instead of movil may work for you but there are syntax errors and undefined symbols in the rest of your posted code. –  MikeLimaOscar Mar 24 '14 at 18:05
I don't get any error messages, but I can't evaluate frms because you don't supply any values for ϕstab, θstab, ψstab. –  m_goldberg Mar 24 '14 at 18:07

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movil contains a Graphics3D[] head. Get rid of it to perform a rotation:

     Cases[movil, GraphicsComplex[___], 2], 1, {0, 0, 1}],
    1, {0, 1, 0}],
   1, {1, 0, 0}]}]

Mathematica graphics

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