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I am trying to run a parallelized version of my Mathematica code on a cluster and i want to display some information on the terminal. When i try to display the time taken for the calculation, using AbsoluteTiming[], i get a number displayed on the terminal that does not represent the time taken for the calculation. I assume it has to do with the data format that i am trying to print and how bash interprets it, but i could not find a solution. Here is some of the code:

Print[ $ProcessorCount, $MachineType, $System]

output = AbsoluteTiming[Parallelize[Table[Table[MyExpression[..],{iterator1,...}],{iterator2,...}]]];


Feel free to comment on my use of Parallelize[]. There is probably a more intelligent way to do this but i found that ParallelTable[] is slower in my case (evaluating the expression using two iterators).

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