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As a new Mathematica user I have been grappling with many aspects of its powerful capabilities but am now beginning the find the front end very disappointing in a number of respects.

  • Lack of multiple level undo (yes, I've just signed the petition and posted in the Wolfram community site on this)
  • Global effect of "Replace All" in the "Find and Replace" dialog
  • Weak IDE-like debugging capabilities (I will investigate DebugTrace later; I know Workbench could help but I resent the current €120 cost for what I believe should probably be core capabilities)

(Rhetorical?) How do sophisticated and heavy users manage?

The specific immediate question however is: does anybody have a viable approach/solution/workaround to undo/redo for (limited scope) input cell edits?

I'm still amazed by what Mma can do, but what it can't do is becoming increasingly baffling.

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@YvesKlett - I'll leave it to a mod to determine whether it's duplicate, but I looked at that answer too and was seeking other possibilities. I personally am not very keen on the versioning approach (though credit where it's due for anything that helps anyone). I'll post a separate question on replace all. –  Julian Moore Mar 17 '14 at 12:30

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