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Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I have a variable called H. H is some complicated function of s.

Now I want to make this variable H into a formal function f[s]. I've tried just doing

f[s_] := H

But that doesn't seem to work.

H was initially a value in a InputField and the type on that InputField was an Expression.

Any ideas on how I can turn this into a proper Mathematica function?

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h = 3*s - 1; f[s_] := Evaluate@h; then f[3] – Nasser Mar 12 '14 at 23:34

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Couple of ways, e.g.:

ClearAll[h, f]

h = 2 s + 3 s^2 + Sin[s];
f[sarg_] := h /. (s -> sarg)

(* just define directly *)
ClearAll[h, f]
f[s_] := 2 s + 3 s^2 + Sin[s]

16 + Sin[2]
16 + Sin[2]
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