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I am using Mathematica for linux, on Crunchbang "Waldorf" (Debian 7). Video card is nVidia NVS 3100m. CUDA version is 5.5, and video drivers are 331.49 as installed by smxi.

My issue is that there appear to be some errors in comparison to the documentation, my video card drivers contain spurious text and the CUDA version is absent. CUDAQ[] responds "TRUE" and CUDAResourcesInformation[] returns a bunch of data, but I am having the same issues as the CUDALink is not initialized topic. I am unsure if the errors in my SystemInformation[] are related to my lack of CUDALink functionality or if it's a problem of card age..

Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone help? I went through a lot to try and get everything working..SystemInfo Error

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