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I have two matrices A1 and A2 in HDF format. I use the following code to import them.

A1 = Import[
  "", "Data"];`

When I type Dimensions[A1] I get the output

{1, 12, 10}

Now, I want to do the Singular Value Decomposition on A1 and reconstruct it from the output matrices. I can do the SVD, but when I check the original and reconstructed matrix by inputting A1 - U.W.Transpose[V], I get a shape not matching error. Also, when I see A1 in MatrixForm, I see a matrix with each column as a separate vector(column matrix) inside the big matrix.

{U, W, V} = SingularValueDecomposition[A1];
Norm[A11 - U.W.Transpose[V], 2]

Here's a screenshot of A1 in MatrixForm

enter image description here

I can't figure out why there are separate columns inside the matrix. Also there are 10 rows and 12 columns, but Dimensions[A1] outputs

{1, 12, 10}

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A1 = Import["", "Data"][[1]];

My assumption (not being able to try this) is that Import is returning you a list of things in the file of which A1 is the first.

BTW: Try not to use capital letters (especially single capitals) as some are reserved symbols in Mathematica (like D and E).

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It works!! Thanks a lot! – Koustubh Gohad Mar 10 '14 at 16:25

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