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I was trying to run some notebook I downloaded from MathWorld, but lots of them need

<< MathWorld`Curves`

I tried to google it , only to find this, but the link links to nothing but a blank page. so where do I find these packages?

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I never heard of it. Could you please specify which notebook was it you've downloaded from MathWorld and required the package? –  István Zachar Mar 8 at 8:38
like this mathworld.wolfram.com/CornuSpiral.html –  tintin Mar 8 at 8:40
Thanks. I guess it must be part of the list of server-side packages, like "Utilities`LiveGraphics3D`" in e.g. Slinky.nb. Best would be to write directly to Eric Weisstein, the maintainer of the site. If you do so and he replies, be sure to add an answer here! –  István Zachar Mar 8 at 8:47
They were there 6 months ago, I'd venture lost in the shuffle. Ping support and let them know. –  rasher Mar 8 at 9:08

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