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Is there a built-in function for studentized range or do I have to build it myself?

Is there a test of normality for the studentized range?

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I do not think there's one built-in, but it's fairly easy to write a function for it:

studentizedRange[data_List] := (Max[data] - Min[data])/StandardDeviation[data]

But I would also check out the ANOVA package for related functionality.

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yes thank you apparently there is the ducan test directly. however, the calculation is simple and there seems to be no direct function, so i just leave it with the manual calcs. – PeriodicProgrammer Apr 15 '12 at 18:21

Studentizing has been dealt with adequately by Eli. As to your second question: Normality tests can be performed with DistributionFitTest.

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