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I have an expression, here's a clip of it:

...LF (LG LQ Lsig^2 + 2 LQ Lsig RG Rl + LG LQ Rl^2 + Lsig^2 RG RQ + 2 LG Lsig Rl RQ + 2 LQ Lsig RG Rs + 2 LG LQ Rl Rs + 2 LG Lsig RQ Rs + LG LQ Rs^2 + 2 (RG (Lsig RQ + LQ (Rl + Rs)) + LG (LQ Lsig + RQ (Rl + Rs))) Xl + (LG LQ + RG RQ) Xl^2 + Laq^3 (Lsig + Xl) - Laq^2 ((Rl + Rs) (RG + Rl + RQ + Rs) + (Lsig + Xl) (LG + LQ + Lsig + Xl)) + Laq (LG (RQ (Rl + Rs) + LQ (Lsig + Xl)) + RG (LQ (Rl + Rs) + RQ (Lsig + Xl))) + Lad (Laq^3 + Laq (LG LQ + RG RQ) - Laq^2 (LG + LQ + Lsig + Xl) + LG (RQ (Rl + Rs) + LQ (Lsig + Xl)) + RG (LQ (Rl + Rs) + RQ (Lsig + Xl))))...

Now this has gone through both, Simplify[] and FullSimplify[], but I can still find some common factors inside the brackets that could be further simplified so that the number of total multiplications used to get the value of the entire expression is further minimized. I want to minimize it because I then brute force the solution...

To further my explanation, please observe the first few chunks of quoted expression:

LG LQ Lsig^2 + 2 LQ Lsig RG Rl + LG LQ Rl^2

One could reduce the number of machine's multiplications by bringing out the common factor of LQ and joining the 3 terms or by bringing out LG and joining just 2 of the three terms.

Is there a way to tell mathematica to do this for the entire expression?

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Perhaps HornerForm? –  Sjoerd C. de Vries Feb 20 at 15:46
Have you looked at the ComplexityFunction option of Simplify? Do you want to strictly reduce the number of multiplications or cast the expression into a form that's fast to compute numerically? –  Szabolcs Feb 20 at 17:04
This question appears to be off-topic because OP does not care to refer to the comments. –  Kuba Apr 24 at 10:15
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