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Is there a native Mathematica way to convert a string like "<select></select>" into "&lt;select&gt;&lt;/select&gt;" and similarly for other reserved characters in html (or another encoding that would work in a webpage)?.

I'm working in webMathematica, but I can't find a good way to print the literal string "<select></select>" into a page - it either gets converted into an node, or it gets wrapped in a <pre> tag.

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The different HTML entities are stored in System`Convert`MLStringDataDump`$HTMLEntities on version 9 and from here, it's a simple StringReplace:

StringReplace["<select></select>", System`Convert`MLStringDataDump`$HTMLEntities]
(* "&lt;select&gt;&lt;/select&gt;" *)
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The problem with this is that the necessary definitions are not present in a fresh kernel. We need to figure out what triggers auto-loading them. ExportString["asd", "HTML"] certainly does but maybe it's more than necessary. – Szabolcs Feb 19 '14 at 20:53
This is the line registering the exporter: ImportExport`RegisterExport[ "HTML", System`Convert`HTMLDump`exportUsingHTMLSave, "Sources" -> {"Convert`ConvertCommon`", "Convert`MLStringData`", "Convert`HTMLConvert`"}, "Unevaluated" -> False ] I'm not sure what the "Sources" option does exactly. – Szabolcs Feb 19 '14 at 20:59

Something like:

ExportString[Cell[TextData["<select></select>"],"Text"],"HTML","FullDocument" -> False]


<p class="Text">

which might also be a good start.

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