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is it possible to avoid that mathematica writes the output into the nb file? I would prefer that mathematica writes the output into a separate file. If it writes into the notebook (I usually use: evaluate notebook), mathematica always runs through the file so that I always have to search for the cell I was recently working with; the view changes when I use evaluate notebook.

Another question is: Is it possible to exclude cells from evaluation? E.g. if I have different cases and case 1 is finished. Then I write case 2 below case 1 and use "evaluate notebook". However, it would be nice if I could mark the cells within my programming so that case 1 remains untouched. I know how to use () and I know that I can choose cells to be evaluated - but that's not what I'm looking for -- Instead I'm looking for a command, a switch or goto-label. Or is there a command similar to (**) which can be used for more than 1 cell?

Thanks a lot!!

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