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I have a DisplayFormulaNumbered cell in my Mathematica notebook. If I use the Cell | Convert To menu item to convert the cell to Standard or Traditional Form, the formula is now rendered as a program snippet. For example:


Is there a way to toggle this cell to the human readable form I started with?

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Might it be that you used Show Expression by accident? You can undo that by using it again. –  Sjoerd C. de Vries Feb 11 at 19:28
Not in this case. The steps to reproduce are: 1. Add a DisplayFormulaNumbered cell. 2. Ctrl-F9 and enter formula 3. Cell | Convert To TraditionalForm 4. The equation is now converted to an expression. 5. Cell | Show Expression shows an even longer expression. The only solution I have found is delete the cell. Re-enter the formula - and do not try any formatting or Cell Conversion. –  user1585715 Feb 11 at 19:56
I get the same but am wondering why you want to convert to TraditionalForm when you are using DisplayFormula style plus Ctrl-9 ...since this combination gives you traditional form equations. –  Mike Honeychurch Feb 11 at 20:13
I was experimenting - trying to get a publication quality form of the formula. The equation is converted to an expression when using Cell Convert StandardForm or TraditionalForm. I found that there was no way to get back to the human readable form after Cell Convert. –  user1585715 Feb 11 at 20:34
You can get publication quality formulas without using traditional form ...which apart from anything else render equations in bold by default. –  Mike Honeychurch Feb 12 at 8:49
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If you evaluate your TextCell expression you will get


Is that what you want?

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That is what I want - when I evaluate the cell, however, I still see the expression. –  user1585715 Feb 12 at 11:45
I guess one of the things I have been trying to do is create a publication quality notebook in Mathematica. I would like to have equations that look at least as good as the equation editor in MS Word. The cursor often disappears when using templates in the Basic Math Assistant (and other pallets). I sometimes need a table to show text, graphics (not always a matrix). I would be very interested in seeing a reference on creating publication quality work in Mathematica. I always seem to do the math work in Mathematica and write the paper in MS Word. It would be less work if I could do this. –  user1585715 Feb 12 at 12:13
@user1585715. I got the output I posted above by evaluating your TextCell expression in an Input cell, which has the necessary Evaluatable property. Did the cell that you evaluated have that property? –  m_goldberg Feb 12 at 14:38
It does if the cell is evaluatable. If I put an expression in an DisplayFormulaNumbered cell and right-click the cell, go to properties, and look at the Evaluatable property under Cell Options | Evaluation Options, the Evaluatable property is set to False and cannot be changed. At this point you are left with the expression form and not a human readable form. –  user1585715 Feb 12 at 14:49
@user1585715. Try evaluating the TextCell expression in an Input cell and then copy and paste the output into your DisplayFormula cell. –  m_goldberg Feb 12 at 14:54
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