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Does there exist some way to increase the plot range of following plot from 10^7 to new value 10^16?

It exceeds its maximum bounds, if range is increased further from 10^8. Please help !

     Log10[(ρ^2*InverseGammaRegularized[n/2, 0.03] - 
          1 - 0.03])/(InverseGammaRegularized[n/2, 
          1 - 0.03]*ρ)] /. ρ -> 1.259, 
   Log10[n]}, {10*
     Log10[(2*(InverseSurvivalFunction[NormalDistribution[0, 1], 
               0.03] - 
              InverseSurvivalFunction[NormalDistribution[0, 1], 
               1 - 0.03])^2/n)^0.5 + (ρ - 1/ρ)] /. ρ ->
      1.259, Log10[n]}}, {n, 1, 10^7}, AspectRatio -> 1/GoldenRatio]
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Is there a special reason that you're using ParametricPlot Instead of LogLinearPlot? –  yohbs Feb 10 at 8:10
Your problem is not ParametricPlot! Your problem is InverseGammaRegularized[10^16/2, 0.03]. As long as you don't have a way to compute this function fast and without numerical overflow, you won't be able to plot it. –  halirutan Feb 10 at 9:31
@halirutan thanks for pointing out. –  kaka Feb 10 at 14:53
@yohbs Even if we take LogLinear the problem persist. Secondly, one of my two functions is implicit in variable n, so I ve to use ParametricPlot to graph it against n. –  kaka Feb 10 at 14:56

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