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I am trying to plot the magnitude complex function (f) with respect to w. For some reason, Plot is just displaying a set of axes, with no points. Any Idea what's going on here?

z02 = 50*2^.5
z01 = 50
z1 = 100
zin = z02*(zl + \[ImaginaryJ]*z02*tan (w))/(z02 + \[ImaginaryJ]*zl*tan (w))
gamma = (zin - z01)/(zin + z01)
f = abs[gamma]

Plot[abs[gamma], {w, 0, 6.28}]


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There are a number of syntax errors. These include:

  • tan w should be Tan[w]
  • abs should be Abs

Just using output 124 as the basis of the desired function whose modulus you wish to plot:

g[w_] := (-50 + (70.7107 (100 + (0. + 70.7107 I) Tan [w]))/(70.7107 + 
       100 I Tan [
         w]))/(50 + (70.7107 (100 + (0. + 70.7107 I) Tan[
           w]))/(70.7107 + 100 I Tan [w]))


Plot[Abs@g[x], {x, 0, 6.28}]


enter image description here

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@ubodqn: FML - was typing mine - OP also has mixed vars. I'll delete mine if you want... –  rasher Feb 7 at 6:57
@rasher no don't delete...you went to the effort of modifying original post (I believe)...we are just making the same point in slightly different ways –  ubpdqn Feb 7 at 7:04
+1 for answer, and coolness ;-) –  rasher Feb 7 at 7:05
z02 = 50*2^.5
z01 = 50
z1 = 100
zin = z02*(z1 + \[ImaginaryJ]*z02*Tan [w])/(z02 + \[ImaginaryJ]*z1*
      Tan [w])
gamma = (zin - z01)/(zin + z01)
f := Abs[gamma]

Plot[Abs[gamma], {w, 0, 6.28}]

Note, you had z1 and zl (one vs lowercase L), and two functions incorrect.

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@rasher...the edit of the original post was very instructive...very helpful...I assume OP aims to f will be used for something,e.g. Plot[f,{w, 0, 6.28}] –  ubpdqn Feb 7 at 7:02

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