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For this toy problem


    Table[{x, f[x]}, {f, {Sin, Cos}}, {x, 0, Pi, Pi/10.}], 
    PlotRange -> {{0, Pi}, {-1, 1}}, 
    PlotLegend -> {"Sine", "Cosine",}, LegendPosition -> {1.1, -0.4}, 
    PlotMarkers -> Automatic], {k, 1, 6, 1}], 3], Spacings -> 0, 
 ImageSize -> 700]

I was trying to make a single legend (precisely the legend you see here four times) for the entire GraphicsGrid rather than the same legend four times. How do I do so?

Edit: Same question but now with v9 code that doesn't require loading any package:

  Table[ListPlot[{Sqrt[Range[50]], Power[Range[50], (3)^-1]}, 
    PlotLegends -> 
     PointLegend[Automatic, {"one", "two"}, LegendFunction -> "Frame",
       LegendLabel -> "datasets"]], {k, 1, 6}], 3], ImageSize -> 800]

enter image description here

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which version are you using? Version 9 has built-in plot legends which is better than the old package. –  rm -rf Feb 6 at 21:25
I am using v9... –  JohnD Feb 6 at 23:07

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You can generate the legends separately with version 9's legends, but you'll have to manually input the colors (i.e. Automatic won't work):

With[{cols = {Red, Blue}},
                    ListPlot[{Sqrt[Range[50]], Power[Range[50], (3)^-1]}, PlotStyle -> cols], 
                    {k, 1, 6}
            ImageSize -> 800
        PointLegend[cols, {"one", "two"}, LegendLayout -> "Row", LegendMarkers -> Automatic,
            LegendFunction -> "Frame", LegendLabel -> "Datasets"]
    Alignment -> Center]

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You can use LegendMarkers -> Automatic in PointLegend to match PlotMarkers -> Automatic in ListPlot. The OP might want this. –  Szabolcs Feb 6 at 23:20
@Szabolcs Ah yes, thanks. Forgot to add that... Will edit now. –  rm -rf Feb 6 at 23:37
@rm-rf Nice:clean and simple! –  George Wolfe Feb 7 at 5:16

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