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I'm doing a few calculations and would like to keep my units straight. I figured that using the built-in Units functionality could help with this. However, using SI prefixes doesn't seem to give the desired output.

I try executing this code:

 In[15]:= A = 4 Milli Meter*Pi*3^2 Micro Meter // N

And instead of getting, say, 113E-9 Meter^2, I get:

 Out[15]= 113.097 Meter^2 Micro Milli

Milli, Meter, and Micro are all globally defined names. What am I doing wrong?

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Nopey, they are not :) Simple mistake, try: A = Quantity[4 , "Millimeters"] Quantity[Pi*3^2, "Micrometers"] // N which evaluates to Quantity[0.113097, ("Millimeters")^2] –  Sektor Feb 5 '14 at 19:49

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ans = UnitConvert[Quantity[4 , "Millimeters"] Quantity[3^2 Pi, "Micrometers"]]

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EngineeringForm[N@ans, 6]

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