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I have list with the form {{a1,b1}->{x1,y1},{a2,b2}->{x1,y2},...} where the {ai,bi}'s can be {}. I know the elements of the list can be matched by {___} -> {_, _}, but I don't know how to match a list of this form. So how can I match it?

UPDATE: I meant a pattern test: To test whether a list is in this form

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We needn't use Map and Apply as in ziyuang's answer. We can make use of PatternSequence with Repeated (..) or RepeatedNull (...) instead, e.g.

list = {{a1, b1} -> {x1, y1}, {} -> {x3, y3}, {a2, b2} -> {x1, y2}, 
        {} -> {x6, y6}, {} -> {x5, y5}, {} -> {x0, y0}, {a3, b3} -> {x3, y3}, 
        {a4, b4} -> {x4, y4}};

Now we can test various approaches :

{ MatchQ[ #, { PatternSequence[{___} -> {_, _}] ..}]& @ list, 
  MatchQ[ #, {({PatternSequence[]} | {_, _} -> {_, _}) ..}]& @ list,
  MatchQ[ #, {({PatternSequence[___]} -> {_, _}) ..}]& @ list }
{True, True, True}

The advantage of PatternSequence is seen when we'd like to deal with more sophisticated cases of pattern matching.

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I think PatternSequence[{___} -> {_, _}] can be substituted by ({___} -> {_, _}) – ziyuang Apr 11 '12 at 22:37
@ziyuang What did you mean ? Try MatchQ[#, ({___} -> {_, _})] &@ list and you should get False. – Artes Apr 11 '12 at 22:44
({___} -> {_, _}).., of course. – ziyuang Apr 11 '12 at 23:13
@ziyuang With PatternSequence you can match a broad range of sequences, intermediate ones with respect to very general x__ and very specific x... – Artes Apr 12 '12 at 13:29

The pattern to match a list of zero or more such terms is


If you want to only match if there's at least one entry in the list, use one dot less:


So to test that list has that form, use (assuming an empty list is allowed)

MatchQ[list, List[({___}->{_,_})...]]

and to define a function accepting only such lists, write

f[x:List[({___}->{_,_})...]] := somethingUsing[x]
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Though I choose @Artes 's reply as the answer, yours is also very helpful, Thank you~ – ziyuang Apr 13 '12 at 20:15

I've found it myself. Use And@@(MatchQ[#,{___} -> {_, _}]&/@theList)

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{{a1, b1} -> {x1, y1}, {a2, b2} -> {x1, y2}} /.  HoldPattern[{___} -> {_, _}] -> "your match"
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I meant a pattern test. – ziyuang Apr 11 '12 at 21:54

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