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FrenetFucntion = {
    t'[s] == s* n[s], 
    n'[s] == -s* t[s] + 0.3* b[s],
    b'[s] == -0.3* n[s], 
    t[0] == {{1, 0, 0}}, n[0] == {{0, 1, 0}},
    b[0] == {{0, 0, 1}}
sol = NDSolve[FrenetFucntion, {t, n, b}, {s, 0, 50}];

How to integrate the solution of NDSolve. Also is there any way of plotting the integration function of interpolating polynomial? I used NIntegrateInterpolatingPolynomial but then it will give me definite integral only because I have to specify the limits of s. Is there any way of defining s limits like from 0 to s so that I may plot the result of integration as well.

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