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I want to create a signed graph where the edges of my graph are either green (for a positive correlation) or red (for a negative correlation). I only managed to create a graph from a tresholded adjacency matrix so far (greater than x), but struggling with this and didn't find a function in mathematica. I'm also not sure if it's even possible :/

Is it also possible to make the edge lines thicker for a stronger correlation?

Thanks in advance

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n = 3;
corrMat = RandomReal[{-1, 1}, {n, n}]; 
      Style[DirectedEdge[i, j], If[corrMat[[i, j]] > 0, Green, Red], 
      Thickness[.001 Abs[corrMat[[i, j]]]]], {i, n}, {j, n}]]

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Perhaps better:

Graph[Flatten@ MapIndexed[
      Style[DirectedEdge @@ #2, If[#1 > 0, Green, Red], Thickness[.001 Abs[#1]]] &, 
      corrMat, {2}]]
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Thank you very much, works perfectly :) – holistic Jan 28 '14 at 14:42

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