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What would be the proper syntax to enter in WolframAlpha to find the equation of line, if I know two points on it. I know how to do it by hand, but I want to get into the proper syntax of WA.

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Sorry, if I am off topic. The reason I asked this question is because I saw the existence of the tag wolfram-alpha-queries. I hadn't read the description, which indeed states: Use this for questions about calling Wolfram Alpha from Mathematica. Questions about Wolfram Alpha itself are off-topic. –  Alex Popov Jan 23 at 14:12
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What you want to do is to interpolate between values, WA understood this easily:


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LinearModelFit[{{0,4},{4,20}},{1,x},x] worked for me

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That works indeed. Strangely, in the mean time I also found an answer through experimenting: equation of line point (0;4) point (4;20). It sound really stupid but gives a lot more information. –  Alex Popov Jan 23 at 13:03
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