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This is Right.

NestWhile[Log, 100, # > 1 &]
{100} //. {x_} /; x > 1 :> {Log[x]}
100. //. x_ /; x > 1 :> Log[x]

This is wrong,why?

100 //. x_ /; x > 1 :> Log[x]

enter image description here

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The reason your final form fails is that ReplaceRepeated will replace deeper parts of the expression when the first pattern test fails. Like this:

Log[Log[Log[100]]] /. x_ /; x > 1 :> flag[x]

You'll get a similar (though not identical) error message from this:

Nest[Log, 100, 50] > 1;

Greater::nord: Invalid comparison with Log[Log[Log[Log[Log[Log[Log[Log[<<1>>]]]]]]]] attempted. >>

After Log is nested five times you get the I Pi term seen in your original message:

 Nest[Log, 100, 5]
I π + Log[-Log[Log[Log[Log[100]]]]]
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Right, and Log[100.] evaluates so it has no deeper pieces. – rcollyer Jan 9 '14 at 14:48

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