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I was trying to use strings as tags for Reap/Sow and I've found out the following strange behavior when I also add a function as the third argument of Reap[]:

Reap[Sow[11, "a"]; Sow[21, "b"]; Sow[12, "c"]; Sow[15, "a"], {"a", "b", "c"}]

(* {15, {{{11, 15}}, {{21}}, {{12}}}} *)

Reap[Sow[11, "a"]; Sow[21, "b"]; Sow[12, "c"]; Sow[15, "a"], {"a", "b", "c"}, Max]

(* {15, {{Max[15, "a"]}, {Max[21, "b"]}, {Max[12, "c"]}}} *)

Whereas when I use numeric tags I get the following, expected, result:

Reap[Sow[11, 1]; Sow[21, 2]; Sow[12, 3]; Sow[15, 1], {1, 2, 3}, Max]
(* {15, {{15}, {21}, {12}}} *)

Why do string-tags seem not to work properly as "tags"? And more in general, do you know what kind of structures can be used as tags?

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This is explicitly in the documentation... please read the page for Reap: it says that Reap[expr, patt, f] gives you {expr,{f[tag1,{e11, e12, ...}], ...}}. What you're computing is just Max["a", 11, 15] which evaluates to Max[15, "a"]. What's the maximum of a string and a number? The only reason it "works" in your second example is because your tag numbers are small. If you used a larger number, you'll see that you get a different result. Use Max on just the second argument and you're fine. –  rm -rf Jan 8 '14 at 17:30

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Reap[Sow[11, "a"]; Sow[21, "b"]; Sow[12, "c"]; Sow[15, "a"], {"a", "b", "c"}, Max[#2] &]
(* {15, {{15}, {21}, {12}}} *)
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